Christian Nold - Press Pack - Each directory represents a different project and contains full quality Vector images as well as print ready 300 dpi CMYK tiff images. You are welcome to reprint these images up to A6 size if you reference them correctly with the author's and project name. Any use of images larger than this size requires a re-printing fee to be negotiated with the author. If you require something that isn't here or need a different file format - please email

    name asc type size date description
Affect Browser <DIR>2 items11-03-12 2006 - Software for semantic Analysis
ASPAS_RDAJ <DIR>3 items14-11-08
Bio Mapping <DIR>9 items11-03-12 2004-8 - Emotion mapping hardware
Brentford Biopsy <DIR>8 items11-03-12 2008 - 2 month Mapping Commission in London
Community Edit <DIR>0 items08-11-08
Crowd Compiler <DIR>0 items11-03-12 2004 - Software for visualising the temporal crowd
Greenwich Emotion Map <DIR>3 items11-03-12 2005-6 - 6 month Mapping Commission in London
It does not permit itself... <DIR>7 items25-10-08
London Beauty <DIR>32 items19-11-08 2008 - Project/Software exploring categorisation of people
Mobile Vulgus <DIR>0 items08-11-08
Newham Sensory Deprivation Map <DIR>1 item15-11-08
Paris Emotion Map <DIR>2 items11-03-12
RFID Map <DIR>7 items14-11-08
Rio Point of Sale <DIR>2 items15-11-08
San Francisco Emotion Map <DIR>2 items11-03-12 2007 - 2 month Mapping Commission in SF
Sensing Hedehusene <DIR>15 items15-06-10
Stockport Emotion Map <DIR>2 items11-03-12 2007 - 2 month consultation/mapping project
Strange Weather <DIR>0 items11-03-12
Westminster Sensory... <DIR>2 items11-03-12
download Christian Nold.pdf pdf 47.9 KB 14-11-08 Christian Nold CV
download Christian Nold.tif tif 8.9 MB 16-10-08 Portrait of the Artist / Designer / Educator

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